"The hopes of nations rest in the hands of ordinary people trying to accomplish extraordinary things.” - Dr Don Kilby, CACHA President and Founder  

The Canada Africa Community Health Alliance (CACHA) is a non-government organization that seeks to improve the health of rural communities through partnerships to facilitate programs and initiatives for disease prevention, treatment, care, support and education to the most vulnerable in Bénin, Tanzania and Uganda. CACHA was founded in 2001 and has since treated over 200,000 patients, supported more than 900 orphans and vulnerable children and donated over $7.5 million in medical and other supplies. CACHA accomplishes this through the provision of adequate resources based on the determinants of health that include: childhood education, water and sanitation, women's rights, income security, housing and nutrition. We provide materials, infrastructure, and the exchange of skill development in order to create a positive outcome on health in supported regions of operation. CACHA seeks to engage in strategic partnerships and build programs to ensure sustainability, transparency and accountability.

Outreach to remote communities through medical caravans is an integral component of CACHA’s work, as well as the development of programs for sustainable agriculture, education, support to orphans and vulnerable children, vocational centers as well as the fight against HIV/AIDS.

CACHA directly manages Core Projects (CACHA projects) in alliance with local institutions, communities and partners, and supports the management of Non-Core Projects (Partner projects) implemented by partner organizations and volunteers. Both Core and Non-Core projects adhere to CACHA’s mission.