Agnes Zabali Boys & Girls Club of Kamengo, Uganda


The Agnes Zabali Boys & Girls Club (AZBGC) project in Kamengo, Uganda is located about 50km south-west of Kampala, Uganda and is situated in the Mpigi district of Uganda.  Kamengo is close to a busy highway running east-west across Uganda from Kampala through Masaka, and is a few km north of the Equator and the northern shores of Lake Victoria.  Kamengo is a community with a population of an estimated 10,000 adults and approximately 3,200 children. HIV prevalence rates are estimated at 4%. The community is predominantly rural with a majority of adults being peasant farmers. As a result of the ravages of HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis, there are many orphans and vulnerable children in the area and a high child-to-adult ratio.


The initiative behind the Agnes Zabali Boys & Girls Club of Kamengo was initiated in 2006 as a community based organization called (Care For Your Life) by the family and friends of Agnes Zabali to address health and education needs in Kamengo, Uganda that many orphans and vulnerable children face. The organization was, and remains today, guided by a local youth committee made up of volunteer youth who have been in the project since its inception. The youth work on all of the projects including implementing income generating activities, educational, and health awareness programs.

Agnes Zabali Boys & Girls Club programs are designed to provide a safe and supportive place, where every child and adult is respected and valued in an environment of inclusion and acceptance. Our Canadian and local volunteers model hard work, honesty, fair play, positive attitude, cooperation and respect for self and others. We believe that all young people can grow into responsible, contributing and self-reliant members of a community. Children and youth are the centre of everything we do. By supporting basic health, education and through field trips and recreational activities, we encourage and empower them to develop healthy lifestyles, a life-long passion for learning, leadership, life skills and a sense of social responsibility.

Kamengo, Uganda


Location: Kamengo, Mpigi district, Uganda

Partners: Canada Africa Community Health Alliance (CACHA)

Beneficiaries: 155 students and community members

The Agnes Zabali Boys & Girls Club goals are to assist youth in Kamengo community with basic health, education, recreational activities and developmental projects that improve health and well being, enhance youth development, foster community growth, create employment, and reduce poverty and inequality in the future for those in our program. 

In our efforts to meet these goals, the AZBGC project seeks to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of orphans and vulnerable children to manage the challenges they face;
  • Provide resources and opportunities that will enable those in our program to overcome barriers and remain in school;
  • Promote academic achievement and innovation among the youth of the AZBGC;
  • Increase access to basic health care services for all members of the AZBGC;
  • Provide additional support to the local community education system;

In 2016, the AZBGC project will continue to partner with CACHA and Ggoli Health Centre on the annual medical, education and infrastructure missions. The AZBGC Ottawa Committee will also continue with fundraising activities that will make it easier for the youth committee in Kamengo to continue implementing health and educational projects for 155 primary, secondary, university and vocational training students. Students who demonstrate consistent academic progress are supported with school fees, and school supplies including text books, writing books, pens, pencils, mattresses, calculators, school bags, shoes and uniforms.  The AZBGC Ottawa Committee will continue supporting youth income-generating projects such as gardening, flower project, solar light, poultry, piggery and cow projects along with basic computer training, art and crafts and drama activities. 

The AZBGC Ottawa Committee aspires to recruit more volunteers to visit Kamengo to provide educational and health services which include, but are not limited to; qualified counseling; improve the mini library; additional education at the community centre; improve our current recreational area; and continue to upkeep the infrastructures which provide shelter.

Furthermore, we will continue to work with local residents especially youth to ensure effective, locally-owned development programs that are sustainable, transparent and that encourage self-reliance.  Staying focused on our short and long term goals to increase access to education and health care will encourage children and adults to acquire the tools and skills necessary to overcome adversity, poor health, poverty and inequality. Furthermore, our volunteers will continue to teach at local primary and secondary schools, as well as hold seminars at the community centre to educate local youth on puberty, HIV/AIDS and sexually-transmitted diseases among other important and difficult topics to discuss.

Lastly, we are very proud of the students that have graduated from University to date and those entering secondary, vocational training institutions and University. With your continued support, this project has, can and will continue to create a lasting positive impact in this community for years to come. Email [email protected] for more information and for recent activities please read our blog at