Since 2001, CACHA and its volunteers have treated over 200,000 patients, clinically trained and equipped hospitals, community centres and schools to perform work and services that improve the life in these communities.

CACHA performs two types of missions - medical and infrastructure missions. CACHA medical missions are designed to provide free healthcare services and treatments to rural communities and infrastructure missions include activities such as school construction, hospital improvement, electrical, water and/or solar and computer network systems. Our success is attributed to the generosity and participation of nearly 2,300 volunteers who have contributed to more than 100 missions in African countries where CACHA has been operating for 13 years and our enduring partnerships with local organizations and communities.

CACHA medical missions are non-profit and 100% self-funded. The field cost to participate on a CACHA medical mission is $2,820 which is disbursed over a variety of mission related expenses including; accommodation, food, in-country transportation, allowances for locally engaged partners, medical and logistics equipment and supplies, communications, customs, work permits in Tanzania only, medical treatments and referrals for patients, as well as CACHA overhead and management, CACHA membership fee, and helps to support many of our CACHA projects.

All donations submitted to CACHA toward payment of mission costs and plane tickets are tax deductible. This is in line with CACHA medical mission policy and the Canadian Revenue Agency. All donations submitted toward a participant’s flight are tax deductible.

The approximate total cost for a medical mission in Tanzania is $5,160 ($2820 field cost + airline ticket + 15% administration fee on actual cost of airline ticket)

Want to help us spread the word about CACHA’s upcoming medical missions to Bénin, Tanzania and Uganda?

Simply print our latest posters and post them in your local popular areas: office bulletin boards, hospitals/clinics, local coffee shops, schools, community centres, busy street corners or share electronically on your social media outlets.