Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Marangu - Tanzania


HIV/AIDS has left an estimated 2 million Tanzanian children orphaned, and countless others vulnerable, caring for one or both of their chronically ill parents and often missing out on what they need for survival, growth and development. In response, CACHA has implemented the Tegemeo Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Support Programme. Many children in the region lack the skills or capital to secure many basic necessities and their access to health care and education is often severely limited.

We want these children not only to survive the impact of HIV/AIDS but also to become productive and supportive members of their community. We aim to make your donation as effective as possible through a programme that is sustainable and efficient, and strive to empower the local community to build these brighter futures for years to come. $365 is enough to support one child for one year - equivalent to $1 per day.

$30 (that's $1/day for a month) will allow one child to attend the OVC program!

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Marangu, Tanzania


Location: Marangu, Tanzania

Beneficiaries: 215 children

Objective: To increase access of vulnerable children to education and health care services.

Achieved Results and Activities

During a CACHA mission to Tanzania in May of 2005, the need to support the growing number of orphans and vulnerable children being created by the AIDS epidemic was quite evident. The local staff, with the help of a CIDA intern, was asked to identify children in need of economic as well as psycho-social support. The criteria of selection for the target children, regardless of gender, were the following: one or both parents missing, vulnerable living conditions, and health of the child or caretaker (including HIV status).

Currently, there are over 800 OVC living in the Marangu area; children living with grandparents, extended family or in child-headed households with no adult care. CACHA strives to meet the needs of these children by: providing of basic necessities such as food, clothing, medical care and proper shelter, ensuring that they have access to education through the provision of school fees, school uniforms and school lunches, meeting the social and emotional needs of the children through recreational activities and psychosocial support, and utilizing tracking systems to ensure monitoring of support, transparency and appropriate distribution of resources among children according to their different levels of need.

In 2009, CACHA was in a position to support over 215 children to varying degrees, with education being a major focus of the project. The children also visited the centre twice monthly to receive food supplies and enjoy recreational activities. Caregivers also received medical support. The OVC staff has been instrumental in keeping this program alive and expanding. School uniforms were hand crafted by students from the local vocational training school in 2010. 

In 2009, more initiatives were put into place for the sustainability of the OVC program. An educational garden was established at the Kisuluni secondary school with funds from the Rotary Club. CACHA also funded the construction of a chicken coup housing 100 chickens, with the plan of increasing the number of children under the OVC support program as well as using the project as a teaching tool.

In 2010, CACHA, with funding from Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs, arranged the construction of an incinerator at Kilema Hospital. The $10,000 donation was added to contributions from the Ministry of Health to complete the project.

Future Plan

CACHA has acquired a new home for the OVC program in the town of Himo, with a new office that will function as a base for all programming and also house our program staff. We are excited to expand and grow thanks to this new location, and not only continue to support the children currently involved in the program, but hopefully be able to bring even more children into the program.