The Tchukudu Kids Home [TKH] currently supports 120 children: 30 of whom live in the TKH and 90 others who live with local families from the area who are acting as "Welcome Families".  The TKH is a home base for all 120 of the children and many more children would live in the home but there is a threat when having older children living there as they can be a target for kidnapping and rape.  

The sponsorship program provides food, shelter and school fees and helps to support the 6 adults caring for the children and acting in a parenting role.  We have 95 children sponsored to date and need 25 new sponsors for the remaining 25 children. The sponsorship commitment is $40 CDN per month.  

Each of our children have a terrible story that has led them to be here at the Tchukudu Kids Home... but the silver lining is they now have love and a future! 

$57,178 raised so far


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